Spectrum Health Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Bret Youngblood as the director of correctional operations.  Reporting to Senior Vice President of Correctional Services Christopher Petrozzi, Mr. Youngblood is responsible for ensuring that all assessment and treatment services in the corrections’ division are delivered with fidelity to Spectrum’s clinical design, contract terms and conditions.

In this role, he will work closely with Spectrum’s management team to develop performance matrices and provide staff training and professional development across the country.

Mr. Youngblood offers more than twenty years experience in correctional treatment program design, implementation and operations.  He has worked in multiple state correctional systems to include Washington, Virginia, Colorado, and more recently, Texas.  In addition to his extensive correctional treatment experience, Mr. Youngblood is regarded as one of the best therapeutic community experiential trainers in the country.

“Bret’s trainings consistently receive accolades from correctional systems across the United States, said Petrozzi.  “His unique skill set offers yet another value-add to our existing correctional customers and those who may be interested in capitalizing on specialized training alone.”

“When presented with the prospect of becoming a member of the Spectrum team, I was instantly humbled and exhilarated,” said Youngblood.  “This exhilaration is founded in the belief that people can change, that people have an internal desire to achieve, and that when provided quality treatment services, recovery is obtainable.  Spectrum Health Systems, and its leadership, share this same belief in the human potential of those we serve, and I am truly humbled to be a part of this forward-thinking organization."

Founded in 1969, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider serving more than 48,000 individuals each year.  In 1993, Spectrum established its Correctional Treatment Division to provide specialized treatment to offenders with a history of chronic substance abuse and criminal behavior.  Today, Spectrum is a national leader in treatment programming for criminal justice populations, operating more than 125 programs in community-based settings and correctional institutions throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Maine, Tennessee, Iowa and Washington State.

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