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Lucemyra for Opioid Withdrawal: A Doctor’s Perspective

When thinking about the difficult symptoms of opioid withdrawal and hearing the news of the FDA approving Lucemyra, a non-opioid prescription medicine to help reduce them, many people who struggle with addiction may be intrigued. It has even been made available in Walgreens across the nation (with a valid prescription), making it uniquely accessible. But ...

Our Latest Treatment Center Opens in Framingham

Substance use disorders pose a challenge to many around the United States, and treatment isn’t always as accessible as it should be. For those struggling with addiction, same-day care can be essential to beginning on the road to recovery. Providing immediate care ensures that individuals feel encouraged and supported when they are ready to take ...

Spectrum Health Systems Announces Opening of Rapid Access Treatment in Framingham, Mass.

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive continuum of CARF-accredited substance use disorder treatment, was recently awarded a new contract with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to provide rapid access treatment at its outpatient treatment center located at 68 Franklin Street in Framingham, Mass.

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