Spectrum’s Correctional Recovery Academy™ (CRA) is an advanced form of therapeutic community programming designed to change the thinking and behavioral habits of moderate to high risk/need offenders. Spectrum’s CRA functions as a distinctive community within the host institution, providing a highly structured and supportive learning environment in which to address criminal and addictive behaviors. Emphasis is placed on mutual respect, accountability and responsibility. Motivational techniques are used to engage offenders in treatment and prepare them for active participation and successful completion of Spectrum’s structured cognitive behavioral programming.

Program objectives seek to address known contributors of substance use and criminal behavior such as dysfunctional interpersonal relations, poor impulse control, and inappropriate responses to authority. Throughout sequential treatment phases, offenders’ behaviors, attitudes, values and emotions are continually monitored, corrected and reinforced. The goal of programming is to reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol dependence, while ensuring a smooth reentry and successful adjustment to community living upon release.