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“The organization has a well-defined set of values, including compassion, service excellence, integrity, optimal care, creativity, positive workplace and fiscal responsibility, that is reiterated throughout all levels of programming.”

CARF Survey Report

“The organization’s data regarding recidivism show an impressive outcome for those individuals who have received residential substance abuse treatment.”

CARF Survey Report

“The organization’s leadership, staff members, and other stakeholders believe in the mission of the organization and its ability to improve the lives of those served.”

CARF Survey Report

“The staff members of Spectrum Health Systems are enthusiastic and energetic in their interactions with the persons served and are credited by the persons served for fostering hope in their future.”

CARF Survey Report

“I entered Spectrum’s detox at the lowest point in my life. While I was there, I took a tour of the residential program. I decided to try it because I did not want to go back to my old way of life. Now I’m in recovery, working and making plans for my future – something I never dreamed possible.”

“The Correctional Recovery Academy model provides a holistic approach to treating addictions and associated behaviors. All aspects of living without substances are addressed, practiced and modeled.”

CARF Survey Report