“Spectrum Health Systems demonstrates its dedication to providing evidence-based substance abuse treatment services to persons who are incarcerated. Well-planned and well-executed clinical supervision and monitoring of the programs’ fidelity to the service model employed ensure that the persons served receive the most effective services possible. The governing authority, management, and staff members are knowledgeable and supportive of the organization’s mission and vision and have effectively employed CARF’s continuous improvement principles at all levels of the organization. This unity of purpose is evident in the ongoing efforts to integrate the treatment philosophy and behavioral management practices into the correctional settings within which they operate.”
CARF Survey Report

“The organization demonstrates exemplary practice in demonstrating that information and education relevant to the needs of the persons served are provided. Using research-based information, the organization has developed curriculum to use in all its programs. The curriculum is designed to meet the varied needs of clients at each level of care or program. The curriculum is well-organized and easy to follow. New counselors can easily utilize the information to educate clients and run an effective group. The curriculum allows the organization to provide a consistent message to persons served and know what information is being provided at any given time. The curriculum is updated based on feedback from program staff and when new information related to best practice is identified.”
CARF Survey Report

“Spectrum Health Systems remains notable for its evidence-based programming, recidivism reduction curriculum design, utilization of validated risk-needs instruments, well-established staff training program and rigorous program evaluation methods. Spectrum’s cognitive restructuring curriculum targets known criminogenic risk factors, providing inmates the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for successful community re-entry.”
Paul Gendreau, Ph. D., Criminal Justice Consultant

“It is my pleasure to attest to the exemplary ability demonstrated by Spectrum Health Systems to implement, operate and enhance high quality correctional therapeutic community (TC) programs across the United States. It is clear that Spectrum has decades of experience in operating such programs that are committed to both the essential elements of the ‘community as method’ approach – as codified by George DeLeon, Ph.D., my close colleague during the many years we worked together at the National Development & Research Institutes (NDRI)} – and to a number of evidence-based, curricula-driven cognitive-behavioral interventions.”
Harry K. Wexler, Ph.D., Former Adjunct Assistant Professor, New York University

“Spectrum’s commitment to the highest quality of patient care and a well developed continuum of services is well known to many in the field of substance abuse treatment. Principles of best practice and evidence-based treatment form the foundation of all Spectrum services. You can be assured that Spectrum is committed to ensuring that new knowledge and resources are well utilized in enhancing the effectiveness of treatment programs provided to female offenders.”
Norma Finkelstein, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute for Health and Recovery

“The quality of clinical work delivered by the Spectrum counselors was very good particularly in the areas of exploring and addressing criminogenic thinking errors utilizing a variety of therapeutic community behavioral modification tools and skills in motivational interviewing. I had the chance to observe the same high quality of clinical work at all three programs that I attended, so it seems to be a pattern of quality treatment across both custody and community environments.”
Igor Koutsenok, M.D., M.S., Director of the Center for Criminality and Addiction Research, Training and Application, University of California San Diego

“Spectrum Health Systems is a well respected substance abuse treatment provider for criminal offenders. The organization is known for its use of evidence-based curricula and effective clinical practice. Spectrum is experienced in using our materials throughout its many treatment programs including IBR assessment instruments, mapping exercises and motivational interventions.”
Kevin Knight, Ph.D., Associate Director for Criminal Justice Studies, Institute of Behavioral Research, Texas Christian University

“The organization has a well-defined set of values, including compassion, service excellence, integrity, optimal care, creativity, positive workplace and fiscal responsibility, that is reiterated throughout all levels of programming.”

CARF Survey Report

“The organization’s data regarding recidivism show an impressive outcome for those individuals who have received residential substance abuse treatment.”

CARF Survey Report

“The organization’s leadership, staff members, and other stakeholders believe in the mission of the organization and its ability to improve the lives of those served.”

CARF Survey Report

“The staff members of Spectrum Health Systems are enthusiastic and energetic in their interactions with the persons served and are credited by the persons served for fostering hope in their future.”

CARF Survey Report

“I entered Spectrum’s detox at the lowest point in my life. While I was there, I took a tour of the residential program. I decided to try it because I did not want to go back to my old way of life. Now I’m in recovery, working and making plans for my future – something I never dreamed possible.”

“The Correctional Recovery Academy model provides a holistic approach to treating addictions and associated behaviors. All aspects of living without substances are addressed, practiced and modeled.”

CARF Survey Report