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Spectrum Health Systems Grants $137,000 to Thirteen Local Massachusetts Organizations

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc., a not-for-profit organization providing a comprehensive continuum of addiction treatment and behavioral health services throughout Massachusetts, announced today it has issued $137,000 in grants to local organizations that work to support those in recovery. Spectrum established its Community Impact Committee in 2022, comprised of nine members, to provide financial relief to ...

March 30th, 2023|

Get to Know Kristin Nolan, Chief Behavioral Health Officer

Having started as a clinician in 2000, Kristin Nolan has deep roots with Spectrum Health Systems. Early on, she found the clinical work rewarding, but over time she began to feel like she could have a broader impact in the addiction treatment field by focusing her efforts on the operations side of things. Now serving ...

March 29th, 2023|

The Shifting Landscape of Telehealth Addiction Treatment

As the United States government searches for leverage in the battle against the opioid epidemic, several recent developments have altered the way medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD), such as buprenorphine, can be prescribed. While some of these changes have increased accessibility to buprenorphine, others threaten to hinder access. With opioid overdoses continuing at a ...

March 14th, 2023|

Improving Outcomes for Pregnant People with Substance Use Disorders

When someone with a substance use disorder becomes pregnant, their circumstances can become complicated. They may be faced with decisions that they hadn’t anticipated, and the road ahead could be lined with physical and emotional challenges. But as with any other population, pregnant people have a right to recovery. And, despite the stigma and added ...

March 3rd, 2023|


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