Founded in 1969, Spectrum Health Systems was responsible for establishing one of the first therapeutic communities in the country for the treatment of drug abuse. Spectrum has grown considerably since that time, broadening its array of services and developing specialized programs for substance abusing women, criminal offenders, individuals with co-occurring disorders and at-risk youth. 

Spectrum’s Corrections Division was established in 1993 when it was awarded its first contract with the Massachusetts Department of Correction. Twenty-three years later, Spectrum is known as a national leader in treatment programming for criminal justice populations, operating more than 140 programs in community-based settings and correctional institutions throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

In fact, Spectrum is currently the sole provider of statewide prison-based treatment systems in Georgia and Massachusetts. Spectrum also manages more than 4,000 in-prison therapeutic community treatment beds across the country. Through the operation of these programs, Spectrum has demonstrated its effectiveness in developing strong partnerships with public sector purchasers.

At the heart of Spectrum’s successful history has been its ability and desire to keep pace with the growing research and information available on the treatment of substance abuse and related disorders. Over time, Spectrum has adapted to an ever-changing service delivery system while remaining committed to its core principles. 


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