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Four Outstanding Spectrum Employees Celebrate 20 Years with Spectrum Health Systems

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Published On: May 22nd, 2019Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections

Four of our talented employees recently celebrated their 20th anniversary with Spectrum! Barbara Tingley, Lisa Blanchard, Earl Warren, and Carole Palaima have all dedicated decades to our organization. To show our gratitude for their hard work and support for Spectrum’s mission, we hosted a celebration luncheon for all home office staff. After lunch, CEO Kurt Isaacson asked why they have chosen to stay with Spectrum for so long.

Barbara Tingley, Reimbursement Coordinator at Spectrum, said: “Over the years, I have gotten to work with some amazing people. Being a part of a company that does so much for its clients is gratifying.”

Barbara remarked on how rewarding it is to work with clients and see their progress over time as they work to recover from their addictions, and to be a part of Spectrum’s growth as an organization.

Lisa Blanchard, our Vice President of Clinical Services, mentions that Spectrum has given her opportunities that would not have been possible elsewhere. “I have been encouraged, mentored, and recognized along the way. I was able to develop my skills and gain experience within our programs while growing as a leader, alongside Spectrum over the past 20 years,” she said.

Like Barbara, Lisa finds the work here at Spectrum to be extremely rewarding and loves how dedicated the organization is to serving clients. “We continue to face challenges, but instead of saying why something cannot be done, we consider how it can, which puts us in a place of innovation, all for the improvement of client care,” she explains.

Earl Warren, State Director for Correctional Services, notes that every decision made as an organization is in the best interest of our patients as well as our employees. “From my very first day with Spectrum, I’ve felt valued and appreciated. It feels like family.”

Earl believes his greatest accomplishment at Spectrum has been his influence on how treatment is performed in correctional facilities. Over the years, we have moved from custody and containment to custody and treatment – a vast improvement.

Carole Palaima, our Administrative Services Manager, loves the variety of work she has experienced over the past twenty years.

“Spectrum gave me the opportunity to work in many of its divisions, including the prevention center, outpatient services and corrections,” she said. “The colleagues that I have worked with over the years makes Spectrum a great place to work.”

It takes a strong team to help those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We often say this career path requires a lot of passion, determination and perseverance. At the end of the day, the hard work is worth it all and we can’t thank our incredible staff enough!

Interested in a career in the field of addiction treatment? Visit our careers page to view our open positions! www.spectrumhealthsystems.jobs.net/


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