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Published On: January 27th, 2022Categories: Spectrum Corrections, Treatment & Recovery

The New England Recovery Center (NERC), a subsidiary of Spectrum Health Systems, provides comprehensive inpatient treatment for individuals struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs) at Spectrum’s treatment campus in Westborough, Mass. Our dedicated team guides clients through detoxification and residential treatment while providing unwavering support and continuing care planning to help promote long-term recovery. An important part of this work also involves sharing real stories about real people, to help inspire those still in need of help.

Airing Addiction Podcast

This is, in part, why we created our podcast, known as Airing Addiction. Hosted by Vice President of Clinical Services Lisa Blanchard and Family Engagement Specialist Jesse Chaison, the show spotlights inspiring recovery journeys and perspectives from thought leaders in the field. It covers a range of topics surrounding addiction and recovery, featuring both personal stories and expert viewpoints.

Richard’s Journey with Alcoholism

To kick off 2022, Lisa and Jesse spoke with former client Richard Cassidy to hear his story of resiliency. Richard says his alcohol addiction stems from childhood trauma. He grew up bouncing from one foster home to another to escape the toxic environment created by his parents.

For Richard, alcohol became a way to gain popularity and ease stress. During college he developed a reputation as being the “party guy.” His habit of heavy drinking continued after college, and alcohol remained ever-present as he moved into a career in the restaurant industry. It was always easy to access a drink, leading his addiction to spiral out of control. He recalls not being able to even shower without having a sip of alcohol. Richard tells Lisa and Jesse he felt like a “dead man walking” as he ignored past trauma and unhealed wounds.

In the episode, Richard shares that a friend handed him a Bible and he recognized the act of kindness as a message from God. He knew he needed to make a change. It was at that moment he was able to admit he had a problem with drinking.

On December 16, 2017, Richard checked himself into the New England Recovery Center and he says that’s when his life truly began. Richard is now a personal trainer/nutrition consultant and founder of Nutritive Fitness. He’s proud of his upcoming video blog called, “A Thousand Roads to Recovery,” where he will share his journey. Richard says being able to admit he had an addiction was the key factor in seeking and receiving help. Now, recovery is a part of his everyday life.

Richard was not and is not alone. Spectrum Health Systems and the New England Recovery Center are here to help those struggling with addiction. Our goal is for clients to achieve overall well-being. We hope client stories like Richard’s help inspire those on their journey to recovery.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction or a substance use disorder, call Spectrum Health Systems today at 1-877-MyRehab.

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