Spectrum Health Systems to Host Free Family Education Program on November 23rd – Sign Up Today!

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Published On: October 21st, 2019Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections, Treatment & Recovery

At Spectrum Health Systems, we know from experience that when someone is struggling with substance use disorder, he or she does not suffer alone – the family suffers as well. As part of our client-centered, holistic approach to addiction treatment, we believe in the importance of family-focused programming.

As a parent and a professional working in the addiction recovery field, Norah Lasorsa, Clinical Supervisor of our Young Adult Residential Program, was determined to develop a substance use disorder support program to educate families and provide them the skills needed to navigate addiction treatment and rehabilitation – something Norah wishes had been more readily available to her when she needed it.

Recently, Norah encountered Shatterproof, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation caused by addiction and eliminating the stigma surrounding the disease. Delivered in community settings and intended to provide hope and support, Shatterproof’s Family Program is designed to equip families with the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to support their loved one in finding the most appropriate path to treatment and supporting them throughout their recovery journey.

Spectrum Health Systems and Spectrum’s New England Recovery Center will host a full-day Shatterproof Family Program offering understanding, comfort and hope for family members, friends and professionals affected by addiction. We’ll address how to find quality treatment, building a plan of action before crisis hits, dealing with stigma and shame, defining recovery for a loved one or oneself, and understanding addiction as a disease.

All are welcome to participate in this full-day program at the Faris Recovery Center in Westborough, MA on Saturday, November 23rd from 8:30am to 5pm. Refreshments will be provided.

For more information or to register, email Norah Lasorsa at Norah.Lasorsa@spectrumhealthsystems.org or call 978-505-8900.

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