Spectrum’s Edition of Extreme Makeover

Published On: August 13th, 2019Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections

Recently, our peer recovery centers received a home makeover! As we celebrate our 50th anniversary of serving those struggling with addiction throughout Massachusetts and beyond, we thought it was time for some new digs.

In Worcester, our peer recovery center, Everyday Miracles received brand new awnings, conference tables, flooring, TVs, a fish tank and – the most popular addition – Bodhi, a Leopard Iguana!

Members of Everyday Miracles got to pick Bodhi’s name, which means awakening or enlightenment. In Buddhism, Bodhi is “linked to the state of nirvana, where the soul is free from hate, greed and ego.”

Members also had a hand in planning the whole makeover and shared their ideas for the renovations – from flooring to the wall colors. The purple seen on the awning and new wall paint represents Spectrum’s official color.

At The Recovery Connection in Marlborough, new plants create a welcoming and warm presence, signifying life and nature. Bold red furniture sparks inspiration and critical thinking during group sessions and our “living room” setting now includes a brand-new TV and fish tank.

At New Beginnings in Lawrence, members were treated to new bike racks and flower beds outside, as well as comfy, black leather chairs, TVs, revamped classrooms and restrooms and a fish tank!

Our peer recovery support centers provide volunteer-driven education and support services for adults in all stages of recovery – including those still struggling with addiction and those who have maintained sobriety for years. Each center offers a variety of support groups, recreational activities, social events and volunteer opportunities which help members build a solid foundation and relearn the life skills needed to succeed in recovery.

The Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Addiction Services currently funds ten peer recovery centers, and Spectrum Health Systems hosts three of them in Lawrence, Marlborough and Worcester. Each location has an open-door policy to family members, allies and those still using substances. All are welcome to engage in our services free-of-charge. Members attend daily meetings, plan activities and participate in fun events. Members are also encouraged to take classes such as Relapse Prevention and Identifying Triggers.

You can check out the upgrades over on our Facebook page, here! Visit the Spectrum Health Systems website for information on each location.

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