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Published On: June 7th, 2022Categories: News, Spectrum Corrections

When it comes to employee recognition, our organization is “all in”—and we have proof!

Spectrum Health Systems has been named the recipient of C.A. Short’s “All-In” Award for Best Management Engagement in employee recognition programs. C.A. Short Company has worked with companies nationwide for nearly 100 years implementing effective strategies for recognizing and retaining their best assets—the people who work for them.

A Commitment to Recognition

We were chosen from over 1,200 companies evaluated by C.A. Short using its proprietary analytics tool and program score card metrics. The All-In Award is intended to honor and recognize individuals and organizations in eight different categories who have put their “all in” to create and foster a culture of recognition within their companies.

The award spotlights the commitment of our leadership team and front-line managers to sustaining a culture of self-improvement, boosting morale, and finding ways to show appreciation for our employees on an ongoing basis.

Better Ways to Say “Thank You”

Spectrum’s employee recognition efforts have evolved in a significant way over the years, especially since 2018. It was then, in response to the results of employee surveys, that we partnered with C.A. Short to design and implement a comprehensive system which empowers managers to provide recognition in meaningful, personalized ways.

While a pat on the back is always nice, we recognized that tangible ways of showing appreciation are even better. Our employees now earn points they can redeem for name brand rewards from major retailers. The program is managed through a website platform that tracks awards employees have received from their managers and facilitates a fast and easy redemption of points earned for things like gift cards, electronics, household goods and more.

Improving Client Services

The ease and thoroughness of our recognition program has made it a popular and effective tool for our management team, who has engaged with what can now truly be called award-winning enthusiasm. The result is a culture of recognition that pervades through all levels of the organization.

A recent survey found that 82% of people report feeling happier when they’re recognized at work, and that workers recognized within the last week are 103% more likely to feel supported in their role. And the benefits ripple out from there: frequent, meaningful recognition that keeps teams happier on and off the job translates to higher job satisfaction, greater employee retention and, ultimately, better service to customers and clients.

We’re honored to be recipients of the All-In Award and remain dedicated to finding exciting new ways to recognize our valued employees in the future.

For more information about working at Spectrum Health Systems, visit the careers page on our website.

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